🖤  Sharon  🖤
Sharon, our Accounts Manager has been a part of the team at St Michaels Care since February 2009! 🥳 Over 13 Years 🤩
Sharon started at St Michaels as an Admin assistant and originally shared a tiny office and computer with the Home Manger.. using `dial up internet` 🤣
However as years have passed Sharon has worked hard and now has her own office `and computer` as our Accounts Manager 🖥
She is friendly and has a welcoming approach, she is always willing to give advice, not only to the residents/relatives but to the staff too… she is the secret glue to our home!
Should you need any financial advice Sharon is your lady! 🥰
🖤  Dawn  🖤
Dawn our Deputy Manager has been a part of the team here at St Michaels for 6 years! 🥳
Dawn has been a qualified Nurse for over 20 years, previously working in the community with bundles of knowledge and experience. 👩‍⚕️
She is our go to lady when it comes to our online care plans and keeping our staff in check with their training 👀
Please remember the Management’s door is always open should you need any support or advice!
🖤 Emma 🖤
Emma has been a part of the team here at St Michaels for 10 Years 🤩
Emma started at St Michaels as a Senior Health Care Assistant on nights where she cared for our residents for 4 years, she then went on to be our Receptionist for 2 years.
6 years on from joining the team, Emma has progressed to our Senior Administrator, she shares the finance office with Sharon and together they make a fab team! 🫶
Emma is friendly, chatty and always willing to help others…so, although she is hidden away in her office upstairs, remember the door is always open should you have any financial questions. ☺️
🖤 Gina 🖤

Gina has been a member of St Michaels for 12 years 🥳

When she first joined the team she was a Healthcare Assistant, where she cared for our residents for 9 years before changing roles to be our Housekeeper 🧹

Gina takes pride in her work to ensure that our home is cleaned to a professional standard and although her role changed 3 years ago, she still has that caring side, she is bubbly and friendly and engages well with our residents whilst cleaning their rooms and helps in any way she can 🥰

🖤 Holly🖤

Holly has only been a part of the team here at St Michaels Care as a Health Care Assistant for 6 months 🫶

Although Holly has not been with us long and did not have previous experience with care work, she has certainly fitted right into the role with her caring and compassionate personality 🥰

Holly was keen to become a Health Care Assistant alongside going to University to study Psychology and is due to graduate this year. Once Holly has graduated, she then wishes to further her education by completing her NVQ`s in Health & Social Care here at St Michaels. 👩‍⚕️
With the training and support from the team here, Holly has fitted in very well🤩

Thank you Holly for all your hard work 😊


🖤  Millie  🖤

Millie has been a part of the team at St Michaels Care since June 2011, over 12 years!🤩

Millie started at St Michaels as a Health Care Assistant where she cared for our residents for over 6 years. She then became our Receptionist back in August 2017 👩‍💻

As the years have passed, Millie has worked hard and this time 4 years ago, alongside her Reception role she became our Customer Relations Officer where she looks after all our enquiries, holds viewings for the families of potential new residents and builds relationships with them to ensure a smooth admission into our home 🥰
Millie also keeps our social media and website up to date, builds relationships within the local community, alongside organising our open days and events 🥳

Millie is enthusiastic, bubbly and friendly.. Often described as an excitable puppy!! 🐶😁 should you have any questions you will find her on the reception desk or hidden in the small library lounge on Botany Bay 🫶