December 2021

1st December 2021 - Christmas Raffle 

St Michaels will be holding a Christmas Raffle this year, all proceeds will go to our nominated charity - Alzheimer’s Society.
We have some lovely prizes including a food hamper, drinks hamper, restaurant vouchers and much more.
Tickets are now on sale and are £1 a strip, these can be purchased at the reception or via Natasha & Vanessa.
If you would like to take part but don’t usually visit, please contact us to arrange purchase of the tickets.
Donations of prizes are also always welcome.
The draw will take place on Monday 20th December around 2pm, you will notified if you have a lucky ticket and are a winner!

Thank You for your support and Good Luck!!

1st December 2021 - Our Naughty Elf Micky is here!

On the 1st he was seen wearing the care workers PPE, ready for isolation.

On the 2nd he was seen drinking all the residents Booze.

This morning on the 3rd he was feeling very cold so he has made himself warm and toasty!

November 2021

Wednesday 3rd November - Enjoying Tenpin Bowling 🎳










Thursday 4th November 2021 - Today we celebrated Diwali (Festival of light) with Martin entertaining us.


















Monday 8th November 2021 - Look who`s back ... 👏😊










Thursday 11th November 2021 - Remembrance Day at St Michaels with entertainment by Tara 🌺

























15th November 2021 - Yesterday we hosted a Vera Lynn day to celebrate our two Vera`s who share the same birthday. 🎉🎈🥂








25th November 2021 - Acoustic session with Jon 



















30th November 2021 - The Christmas decorations are going up! 🎄


October - 2021

Reminiscing back to our garden party, we are missing the warm summer days already!


















Mick the trumpet player entertained us yesterday afternoon - 12th October


















Comedy Afternoon with Colin Wade - 14th October 2021



















Movement to music - 15th October 2021










Harvest Festival at St Michaels - 22nd October 2021



















Halloween Pumpkin Flower Arranging - 25th October 2021



















Afternoon Tea went down a treat yesterday afternoon - 27th October 2021










Halloween -2021
We hope you all enjoyed Halloween as much as we did here at St Michaels 🎃
Thank you Richard for entertaining us 👻

September 2021

Congratulations Dawn! 
Dawn our Deputy Manager has been presented with a Long Service Award Certificate for being part of our team for 5 YEARS!
Congratulations again and thank you for your continued work and dedication to St Michaels.
Congratulations Becky!
Becky one of our Healthcare Assistants has been presented with a Long Service Award Certificate for being part of our team for 5 YEARS!
Congratulations again and thank you for your continued work and dedication to St Michaels.
Congratulations Barbara & Kerry!
Barbara on the left is one of our Healthcare Assistants and she has been presented with a Long Service Award Certificate for being part of our team for 5 YEARS!
Kerry on the right is one of our Housekeepers and she has been presented with a Long Service Award Certificate for being part of our team for 10 YEARS!
Congratulations to you both again and thank you for your continued work and dedication to St Michaels.
Welcome to the team Carly - 3rd September 2021
Before Natasha left for her new adventure she spent the last few weeks introducing the residents to our new Activities Co-Ordinator Carly.
We know that you will all make her feel at home as you did when Vanessa joined our team.
Carly, welcome to the St Michaels, you and Vanessa will make a great team.
Afternoon Tea - 6th September 2021
Afternoon Tea went down a treat on Friday 🍰🥂👒










Chocolate Truffle Making - 13th September 2021

Looks like they enjoyed making and eating those chocolate truffles!!




















We said a sad farewell to Harriet today - 28th September 2021

Thank you for everything you have done for us here at St Michaels, you will be missed by us all.


August 2021

Maureen & Norman

Maureen has now joined her husband Norman here with us at St Michaels, they were both pleased when they found out their rooms are next to each other.


Summer Party - 30th August 2021

Last week our residents enjoyed their Ooh Laa Laa French themed summer party.



































Farewell Natasha - 31st August 2021

We said a sad farewell to Natasha last week who is leaving us to start a new adventure within a school setting.
Thank you for everything you have done for us here at St Michaels, especially for the residents and their families. You will be missed by us all.

Visiting at St Michaels

Alongside our in room visits we are still offering screen visits, window visits, garden visits and video calls.

June 2021

First garden visit of the year for Linda and a trip to the seafront for Bill

Coming out of the pandemic – how have care homes adapted to the ‘new normal’?

The care home sector was presented with an unprecedented challenge when COVID-19 hit in February 2020. As part of the wider national lockdown, all care homes had to close their doors to external visitors as well as rapidly evolving their internal hygiene procedures to prevent the spread of the virus. Over a year later, as the vaccination programme continues to roll out at pace across the UK, and life begins to return to some form of normal, care homes across the country are opening their doors again to facilitate visits from family and friends - something which many of their residents have sorely missed - as well as welcoming new residents into their communities. But with the pandemic still a present challenge, how have care homes like Oakwood House in Norwich adapted to the ‘new normal’ and what procedures are in place to keep residents, staff and visitors safe?

Ongoing use of PPE

Along with increased cleaning and hygiene measures, the ongoing use of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) has become an essential part of life for care homes in preventing the spread of COVID-19, and one of the main ways that care homes have had to adapt. Full PPE - including gloves, visors, face masks and aprons - is provided for all care workers, and all visitors are required to wear a face mask and use a hand sanitiser before entering the home. The use of PPE is likely to be something that continues to be used for the foreseeable future, so the team at Oakwood House have ensured that they have a plentiful supply that is regularly replenished.

Swift vaccination uptake

Care home residents were one of the first groups to be offered the COVID-19 vaccine when the vaccination programme began in January ’21. Care homes acted swiftly to facilitate the uptake of the vaccine, meaning that the majority of care home residents had received both vaccinations by March, and are fully prepared for additional boosters planned for later in the year. Care home staff have also been offered the vaccine, adding an extra level of protection for residents and peace of mind for their families.

Keeping the lines of communication open

In line with the latest government guidance, care homes are now able to allow relatives to visit their loved ones via in-room visits with up to five named visitors being allowed per resident (no more than two at a time), as well as external visits with those same five visitors also being permitted. However, many care homes have introduced different ways that residents can keep in touch with their friends and family - either via offering different methods of visitation or other forms of communication. Oakwood House has established several COVID safe family meeting rooms as well as socially distanced outdoor meeting spaces, and digital communication methods - such as video calls - are also still very much on the agenda should physical visits not be possible.

Robust infection control measures

Infection control strategies have always been present in care homes, however, the outbreak of COVID-19 meant that hygiene and cleaning practices had to be intensified which required all care home staff to receive training to ensure they could carry out these stringent procedures. As part of current infection control measures, care homes regularly test all staff and residents for COVID-19 in line with the government guidelines and also ask that visitors take a lateral flow test prior to entering the home. The combination of regular testing, robust hygiene practices and the use of PPE - including screens where required - has allowed care homes to reintroduce services, which were previously prohibited during lockdown, such as hairdressers, chiropodists and external entertainers. Some homes - such as Oakwood House - continued to provide these services throughout the various lockdowns, but at the peak of the restrictions, they were conducted by staff.

New introductions

As part of their infection control measures, care homes have also had to adapt how they welcome new residents, with many homes implementing a form of quarantine to keep existing residents safe. At Oakwood House, new residents spend the first 10 days in a safe quarantine area within the home (receiving all the care they need from the friendly care staff) before being tested for COVID-19 and then moving into the main home.

Looking ahead to the ‘new normal’

As we’ve seen, care homes have had to implement many changes across their services in order to adapt to a post-COVID world. However, with lockdown restrictions set to lift further on 21st June, the outlook for care homes is looking bright. Although the wearing of facemasks and regular testing may continue to be part of life for the foreseeable future, the ‘new normal’ will bring lots of benefits for care home residents and their relatives. Family visits will become easier and more frequent, and residents can continue to enjoy their regular activities whilst catching up with their friends within the community (as well as staff), offering lots of opportunities for social interaction. Meaning that the care homes’ social and events calendar will once again be full to the brim of activities and celebrations to keep residents active, content and safe.


May 2021

Ken enjoys a trip out to the seaside - 7th June 2021

We are so lucky to live by the sea

Farewell Lesley - 27th May 2021

Today we sad a sad farewell to Lesley who is leaving us to enjoy her retirement in Spain. She will be missed by us all here at St Michaels and we thank her for everything she has done

April 2021

Entertainment is back at St Michael's - 2nd April 2021

We are so glad to be welcoming our weekly entertainers back to St Michaels! Starting with the fabulous Tara who entertained us yesterday afternoon, she had everyone singing, dancing and smiling! Thank you.

The Easter Bunny delivers - 2nd April 2021

A special delivery for our residents today

Acoustic session with 'Tall John'

'Tall John ' visited St Michaels and showed us his guitar skills and musical talent. Richard couldn't help but join in.

Postcards of Kindness - Saturday 17th April 2021

Postcards of Kindness was created and launched by a care home provider in 2018. The scheme encourages members of the public to write and send postcards to residents of care homes on a regular basis.
Whilst it’s a small gesture, the results bring a great deal of joy, whilst reminding care home residents that there are other people that are thinking of them around the UK. Receiving these postcards and learning about the sender’s life and interests, often sparks the memories for residents, which in turn and encourages them to start a conversation about their own precious memories…. whether it be their first home, their wedding day, or a holiday spent by the sea.

The postcards are a quick and simple way to bring a smile to someone's


Thank you to all those who have chosen St Michaels to be part of this heart-warming campaign.

Residents and staff alike look forward to receiving and reading the postcards.