Choosing a care home is a hugely significant step. Whether you’re seeking nursing care for yourself, a loved one or a dear friend, it’s a choice that you need to get right. You need to be sure that the care home offers a happy environment, is comfortable and treats its residents as individuals, with the respect that they deserve.

We’re going to take a closer look at what to look at when choosing a care home. Whether there is a need for residential care or nursing care, you need to be sure that everything is just right. Following our tips can ensure that’s just how things are.


Summary of the key considerations when choosing a care home

We’ll be looking at everything in more detail as you read on, but here are the key points that you need to consider when looking at care homes:

  • Types of care: are you seeking residential care homes, nursing care or specialist care such as dementia or end-of-life?
  • Rating: how has the care home performed in Care Quality Commission inspections?
  • Funding: what are the care home costs and how will you pay these?
  • Respite stay for a real feel: do the care homes you’re interested in have bed vacancies for respite care


A closer look at how to choose a care home in the UK

Here’s a closer look at some of the points to consider when looking for residential nursing care homes:

Understand the type of care that you require

It’s important to consider the type of care home that you need. It could be that residential care is the most suitable type for you, or you may have additional needs meaning that a nursing care home is a must. You also need to consider if you’re looking to become a permanent resident, or if you’re in need of shorter-term respite care.

When there are specialist needs, such as dementia care and end-of-life care, it’s important to check that nursing homes offer these before you set your heart on a certain location.

Look at the care homes that are available in your location

You may be seeking a care home in Margate, or you could be looking at other areas around the country. Location is an important factor when it comes to looking at care homes. You may well want to be close to family, and friends or in an area that’s special to you for other reasons.

Once you have a location in mind, create a shortlist of care homes that you’d like to learn more about.

Consider what others have to say about care and nursing homes

While it’s important to check out how care homes are rated by the Care Quality Commission, it can be just as important to find out what other people, who have had first-hand experience, think. It could be that you know friends or family members who you can speak to who can share their care home experience.

If you don’t have any close contacts who you can talk to, it’s always worth looking at a care home’s website. Generally, you’ll find that you’ll find a host of reviews. At St Michael’s Care home, we’re proud of our reviews and place them for all to see on our homepage.


Visit the care homes on your shortlist

To get a real feel for a care home or nursing home, the best course of action is to pay a visit. It’s great to be able to see the qualified staff in action as well as have the time to talk to them to address any concerns. Just as important is seeing the residents and how happy they are in their home.

Certainly, at St Michael’s, meal times can be a great time to visit. You can see how everyone comes together, and that there’s a real sense of community. Of course, you should be able to visit whenever you want, unannounced, so that you can get a real flavour of what the residential nursing care home is all about.


Consider short-term care as a trial

Whether you’re looking for nursing care or residential care without the nursing element, you could have the opportunity to sample what’s on offer. Before you commit to becoming a long-term resident, you could try a shorter stay. Many care homes will offer respite care which allows you to stay for and experience everything that permanent residents do.

Respite care is often used for carers to take a break, or following surgery when you need some additional assistance. It can provide a great way of settling on a care home that’s right for you for the long term.


Final thoughts on finding a nursing home

Choosing the right care home can be difficult. However, by looking at the points that we’ve covered, you can be sure of finding the perfect one for you. Be sure that all of your needs are catered for before you make any commitments. Care and nursing homes will be more than happy to chat with you so that you can be sure that you’re a perfect match.