Congratulations Gemma! 🥳

Gemma was nominated twice for the Golden Moments award for October by two separate staff members for two different occasions!
One said that Gemma was overheard making a comment to the Nurse Maxine about how well she coped with a stressful shift.
The second said that Gemma was overheard having a lovely conversation with one of our residents, Gemma was kind and thoughtful in the way she spoke to Doreen, above the normal.

Congratulations Linda!🥳
Linda, among others were nominated for our October Golden Moments. Rema was unable to choose between both Gemma & Linda`s golden moment so they both received a small thank you 🍫
Linda one of our Housekeepers was nominated by our resident Kathleen to say Thank You for making her a cup of tea every morning before starting her shift🥰☕️

Karaoke Time 🎤

Last week our residents joined in with Karaoke, thank you Laura!

Pizza Making 🍕

The St Michael’s cookery club excelled at pizza making on Thursday afternoon.
Making dough was good physical therapy and decorating pizza was excellent for our art fans. As you can see, the results speak for themselves! 😋

Live Entertainment 🎺
Thank you Mike for keeping our residents entertained last Thursday whilst their families attended our first residents’ family meeting held by Rema.
Mike played the Trumpet in our Chapel and as you can see by these ladies faces, they very much enjoyed the afternoon! 😆
Armchair Travel 🌎
Last week we enjoyed a flight to Madagascar ✈️
Our chapel was full where our residents enjoyed tropical snacks and drinks whilst watching traditional dancing and music performances; they took part in a quiz, and learnt about Lemurs, Pirates and life on the 4th biggest island in the world.
Louisa also brought in some souvenirs of her travels around the island. 🌎
WW2 Show 🇬🇧
Thank you Jasmine for coming to perform your WW2 show for us in honour of all those who served us in the war.
Our residents were waving their flags, singing and dancing along, marching their feet and sharing their own personal stories and memories from the war. 🥰
Getting into the Christmas spirit  🎄
We are getting into the Christmas spirit this morning… 🎅
Thank you to the families who kindly offered to come in and help us decorate🎄
It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! ☃️